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Bolzoni Auramo roll clamps: not only for paper!

Bolzoni Auramo roll clamps: not only for paper!

Forklift attachment manufacturer Bolzoni Auramo has a complete range of attachments, conceived with the purpose of optimizing each specific handling requirement, allowing forklift operators to enlarge the application field, versatility and performances of their lift truck.

Within the paper industry, Bolzoni Auramo is well known for its expertise in paper handling equipments and its range includes a wide choice of models, capacities, arm configurations and openings, to satisfy the handling requirements of the Forest Products industry.
In addition, Bolzoni Auramo paper roll clamps, in special editions, can be the handling solution for different products such as steel rolls, steel or concrete components for building or steel industry, cable reels, plastic or concrete tubes, plastic rolls and tires.

In this latter application field, Bolzoni Auramo offers the Tire clamp RA-NE model, a 180-degree rotating clamp for vertical and horizontal handling of single and multiple tires as well as tire stacks.
This clamp gives great benefits to the operator:
- Strong and light design with favorable effective thickness maximising residual capacity of the truck
- Faster rotation: more effective handling
- Less driver action required: the clamp stops automatically when in precise vertical position.
- Rotation end cushioning saves load and lift truck from dynamic load effects: safer handling
- Good visibility to see the position of the pads during whole handling operation
- Quiet operation

Tire clamp arms have several built-in design features protecting the arms and the contact pads from wear and tear:
- Full height arm front part supports the contact pad all the way, this making the pad stronger and suitable for tire handling and less prone to damage.
- Arms have built-in pad protection loops, which save the pad edges from wear and reduce the risk for tyre cuts.
- Contact pads are of equal width. Optional wider long arm pads are available for additional reach capability. Several contact pad height options are available.
- Replaceable wear strips on the short arm save the valuable arm from wearing against the floor during horizontal handling.

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