U.S. Plants

Bolzono Auramo Inc.

In line with Group policy, BOLZONI AURAMO Inc. is committed to continuous improvement of its product quality standards.

The Bolzoni Auramo Inc. plants, certified according to ISO 9001-2008, manufacture hydraulically operated attachments for fork lift trucks and cylinders providing excellent product quality and on-time deliveries.

Its manufacturing facilities are equipped with inspection equipment incorporating the latest technologies, while quality control inspectors verify accuracy and spot-check products to make sure that performances meet or exceed specifications. The well recognized products and services quality provided are reached thanks to the adoption of most up-to-date production techniques and by the use of best-in-class practices.

Homewood, Illinois, Manufacturing Plant
The plant consists of a 43,000 square foot facility, the manufacturing activity is focused on the production of fork lift truck attachments, such as carton clamps, fork positioners, hook on side shifters and parallel clamps for general material handling appliations.
The Chicago facility is activity on product development, sales, spare parts supply, rental repair and refurbishing services. The workshop is equipped for the reconditioning of used attachments, activity carried out by expert workmanship.
The team is providing promt support for maintenace and repairs. Machineries include flame cutting, robot welding, CNC machining.

Sulligent, Alabama, Manufacturing Plant
The Sulligent plant has a building area of 301,000 square foot. The manufacturing facility employees either work directly with or support horizontal and vertical CNC machine centres, internal and external CNC grinding, gear cutting, and assembling.