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Save time and money

Save time and money

Lift truck attachment manufacturer Bolzoni Auramo will soon release a new model of Reach Forks.

With a wide choice of capacities, lengths and strokes, this attachment provides an effective solution for time saving and space optimisation during load handling operations.

The Bolzoni Auramo Reach Forks include unique features, offering great advantages to all companies operating in transport of goods:

SMOOTHNESS. Friction has been reduced to a minimum by the use of sliding pads in special nylon material mounted on the tip of the fixed fork.

STRENGTH. Stronger structure thanks to a single cylinder fitted to the fixed element. Chromed cylinder rod with reinforced bolt-on head. Drilled and polished cylinder chamber in the fork. Outer forks reinforced with a bottom 6 mm Hardox plate.

EASE OF ECONOMICAL MAINTENANCE. Easy-to-dismantle mobile part by the simple removal of a retaining pin. Hydraulic feeding circuit drilled in the fork up to the top of the shank. Fittings directly fixed on the fork.

Less hydraulic components thanks to one single cylinder in each fork for the sliding movement.

SYNCHRONIZED FORK MOVEMENT. Assured by cylinders having different diameters on class FEM2 and by flow divider valve on class FEM3. A flow divider on the double reach models equalises the speed of the two forks to maintain stability and efficiency during the handling of loads.

Two different models offer the following technical features:


Loading and unloading of vehicles from one side gives a remarkable saving on time;
Handling pallets in double deep racking, or reaching them in case of obstacles in front of the racking;
A pallet stop grants accurate positioning of the loads.
Handling of two pallets at a time reduces the number of lift truck journey and grants 50% handling time saving;
Capable of handling bulky loads;
Handling of pallets of different sizes.
Additional features offer great advantages to the operators:

Fork length adjustable from the driver's seat.
Double deep stacking achieves remarkable space saving particularly when combining the Bolzoni Auramo Reach Forks with a reach truck able to work in narrow aisles.
Hydraulically powered, Reach Forks maximises the manoeuvreability of the truck when the forks are in the retracted position.
Reach Forks can be fitted on all types of lift trucks.
During loading and unloading of vehicles, operations can take place completeley from one side with a great saving in time and in fuel/battery consumption.